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Make You Wonder

We help creatives to embrace AI technology and explore its boundaries.


"Make You Wonder" is a project & process to generate revenue from AI Art. It shows how artists can fill their weak spots with the support of AI technology and flourish to their fullest potential across all media and senses.



This is how you can integrate AI into your creative work:

The steps below explain how you can make AI art a successful tool in your work:

  1. Collect ideas

  2. Write keywords down 

  3. Use the words to generate images

  4. Continue to improve and generate more imagesChange the words, style, or way you provide feedback to get improved results. 

  5. Imagine what you like to do with the pictures (are there many or only 1 good one?).

  6. Utilize the images in the media of your choice: As prototypes, backgrounds, logos, prints, etc.

The starting point is an idea, a picture in your mind, a story you want to tell, a messge, emotions, symbols and metaphors.



Let the app create the pictures and you provide feedback. Save the pictures you like as you go to create a collection of pictures. Save them in high resolution when you really like the picture. Pictures may look very diferent from what you expect. just let your intuition guide you. 


The second step is to describe all your imagined in setp 1 into 5-20 words. It's easier to start small.



Then you type all of these words into the app of your choice, such as the Wonder AI App used in our example.


Now you can decide what you want to use the pictures for. If you are not happy with the result, restart at any of the other steps, change words, filter and inputs as you go . Don't get frustrated when the process is slow.


The last step is to utilitze the pictures. It can also be only 1 picture. And it can be in a different context that you expected or planned. Possible uses:

A: Use the picture as mock-ups, as drafts for painting and other art.


B: Print 1 image on canvas

C.  Paste the picture together to a small portfolio.

D: Paste the pics together to a slide show or animation.

Example: Ryana

Heart Pierced with Sword
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