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Coach Surf

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Aerial View of Yacht

Coach Surf

Pick the 2-3 best matching shapes below:

Shape Background Scenario  me.png

A bit of everything

The Diverse/Undecisive

Shape Background Scenario  Action.png

Pure action

The Adventurous/Doer

Shape Background Scenario the planner.png

Goal-dirven connection

The Structured/Social Leaner or Learner

Shape Background injured.png

Warmth & independence

The Injured/Brave

Shape Background steady.png

The Careful/Steady

Shape Background rose.png

The Feminine/Powerful

Shape Background engineer.png

The Excited/Engineer

Shape Background Vibinpng.png

Vibe & Style

The Hippster/Stylish

Shape Background gezellig.png

We are family

The Teamplayer/Romantic

Shape Background lonesome.png

The Lonesome/Performer

Shape Background blackbelt.png

The Wise/Strong

Shape Background butterfly.png

The Queer/Butterfly

Holiday Destination

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We help you find your perfect coaching style BEFORE you look for a coach/consultant/counselor/therapist. ​

Coachsurf makes use of the metaphor that receiving coaching is like surfing on a wave. No matter if you call it consulting, counseling, or therapy, we all aim to find that sweet spot where we allow a ride on the wave of our emotions. 

Tell us your results and get  free personalized recommendations.

Sand Dunes

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Jambo, Aloha, Konichiwa, Hola, Hi, Salut & Grüezi!

I am Josh.

Let me tell you  my story...

...and the story of  Coachsurf

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